Admissions to South Walton Montessori Academy

What We Look for in an Applicant

The admission process at South Walton Montessori Academy seeks to determine if the school is the right “match” for the applying child and family.  We look at applicants holistically and use many criteria to predict whether a child will be successful at SWMA.  We value diversity and welcome families of all races, colors, creeds, national origins, and religions.  Though making the right match is more art than science, below are the guidelines that we use to evaluate students and families for admission to South Walton Montessori Academy.

For all students seeking admission

The successful applicant to SWMA will demonstrate…

  • · Positive interactions with peers and teachers
  • · The ability to work both independently and collaboratively
  • · Natural curiosity and motivation
  • · Enthusiasm about the school environment
  • · Socially appropriate behavior for the applicant’s age
  • · The ability to adjust to transitions during a school day

For all applying families

The successful applicant’s parents or guardians will…

  • · Show a propensity for embracing a child-centered, globally focused, progressive approach to education
  • · Be supportive, realistic, patient and communicative
  • · Demonstrate a willingness to volunteer their time and talent in support of the school
  • · Understand the school’s basic financial model and agree to participate in philanthropic giving to the best of their ability
Application Process Overview

Aplication Process Overview

The application process for new families begins every year in mid- February.  Returning families will be given applications at the beginning of February, and will have 2 weeks to return their applications if they would like to attempt to hold a spot for their child for the following school year.  All potential new families must have scheduled and completed a tour by no later than February 10th each year.  After returning family applications are received and processed, an email will be sent to all families that have come to tour the school that have requested an application, and the enrollment process will begin.

Tour – Contact Beth to schedule a tour of the school.  Parents will walk through the classrooms, then come back to the office to discuss the enrollment process. Parents need to arrange for childcare for the initial tour, and the meeting typically lasts about an hour.

Apply – Return completed application and non-refundable application fee of $150 per child.  If your child is enrolled in the Montessori Academy, this fee will apply towards tuition.

Interview – Upon receipt of completed application, we will contact you to schedule an interview with the teachers in your child’s class.  This is a time for us to learn about you and your child, for you to learn more about us, and to determine whether our school is a good fit for your family.

Admission – Provided that space is available, the Montessori Academy’s philosophy complements your family’s philosophy, and we are in agreement that the Montessori curriculum is appropriate for your child, admission will be granted.

Contract and Deposit – After you are offered a contract, you will have two weeks to return your signed contract and provide a tuition deposit of $1500.

Financial Assistance – After we have received your signed contract and deposit, you will have the option of applying for financial assistance according to the process below:

Apply for assistance online using F.A.S.T.  There is a $48 non-refundable fee paid directly to F.A.S.T. to process your application.  You will mail your most recent tax return directly to F.A.S.T.

More information on the Financial Assistance Program can be found on the Parent Resource Page. Once we advise you of our decision, you will have one week to accept our decision and continue the enrollment process, or decline our decision and end the enrollment process, upon which the tuition deposit will be refunded.

Enrollment Forms – Once the financial aid process is complete, or if you did not request to apply for financial aid, all necessary enrollment forms will be sent to you.

Tuition Balance – If you do not receive financial assistance, the balance of your tuition will be due on July 1st. Your child will not be able to attend school until this balance is paid.  If you opted to use the Monthly or Quarterly payment plan, you will receive a Promissory Note that will outline your payment structure and is an addendum to your contract.